About Coffeetalks


Heya, welcome to Coffeetalks!

Don’t worry, not only coffee lovers but all those who choose to drink tea, herbal tea, green teas, etc are welcomed.!! 😀

Coffeetalks is a place where we can share our opinions, have good heart-to-heart discussions without being judged.

This blog brings you experiences I had, observations I note on the world or everyday things. I write my opinions and thoughts which has brought changes in my life and is still bringing good changes every-day.

Through Coffeetalks, I am trying to spread more positivity and kindness into the world which is the need of the hour.

WHY Coffeetalks?

In 2018, when I was a part of the Toastmasters, someone told me, “It feels like as if you hold yourself back from speaking somewhere.” And it hit homes.

As I came home, on the way I dwelled on this question and started reflecting on myself and I knew somewhere it was true.

When there were times needed to speak up, I wouldn’t. I used to hold myself back from conversations. Maybe I was scared and maybe I wasn’t. Maybe the core reason was that what would people think or even my voice was valid?

I was aware of it deep in my heart and tried changing until the friend of mine spoke to me and that is when the bulb just busted. So, I am grateful for that.

I let out my voices more than I used to and noticed my thinking is quite different and unique as I became more aware of it.

That is why to let out those voices, to bring more kindness, positivity and for someone who is like me or used to hold back this blog can relate to them.

We, every one together with our discussions and unique ideas and voices can change the world or even the society you live in. We need more unity and togetherness than competitiveness.


My name is Sameera, from a small town called Dombivli (Good luck finding it on a map), which is in Mumbai, India.

Like most boys and girls, my eyes sparkle with daydreams and visions and exploring those voices in my head. (sometimes I feel like I have multiple Sameeras’ within me, trust me).

I have been a tomboyish personality since my school times and the only thing that has changed is I have started applying lipstick.

I haven’t tried to change is myself for anyone and that is what keeps me grounded to who I am. I have been the same straight-forward girl, having fun and doing weird things and talks endlessly and can with anyone.

I am a classical dancer, loves oceanic life, dreams of hanging out with tigers and cheetahs and an absolute DOG LOVERRR!!

A big believer of The Universe and how everything aligns according to the creator and totally a proud Capricorn!! 😉

Believer in the Universe is because of how spontaneously I went to graduate to another town and how my life and I have changed since then and still in the process of change.

I am still an average girl with big dreams like many of us. I am taking the leap of faith towards those dreams through “Coffeetalks.”


You can write down your experiences and observations if you find the topics I write on relatable.

We need problem solvers more than problem creators now, eh?

Just think of how you and I and we all are sitting at a café, drinking coffee and having life-changing or self-changing conversations supporting each other? No judgement, everyone’s opinions valued, bringing more positive outcomes and open-minded discussions. And then we all work on it after going home.

Our voices together hold more power and everyone lifting each other up more than tearing each other town is needed now.

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