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(n)  homesickness for a home which you cannot return, a home which may never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past.

as i sip my tea in my balcony,

sometimes my mind wanders around to the past

as i look towards the vast ocean of the sky;

where he stands, his hands relaxing on the balcony bars

him looking at me and saying for the 500the time,

“stop slurping, babe” while holding his own tea-mug

and his usual fixated scowl on his face

towards me;

how every time he stopped me

whenever i wished to talked or

talked with his friends;

how he left my hand when his female

friends were around;

how you left me alone even though you were right beside?

Blinking with a smile and breathing through the air with

vast ocean of sky ahead of me

in my apartment,

i smile over towards the stretched city

i thought it was the nostalgia, the hireath one says sadly

if you thought of such things..


this longing i feel is because

how i longed to get myself back, where i lost myself in him

wish it could have been sooner

sooner than the time i left you

i am happy now

slurping my cup of tea cheerily


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